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As the Oscars ends, the celebrities' night have just begun!
Find out who has a golden ticket to the hottest event....
Vanity Affair—Millionaire. While Vanity's wealth can't buy them starpower, it can fund the most elaborate post-Oscar bash around. As the center of attention for the party, they will not let anyone steal the show.

Dana Darling—Hollywood diva.
As a matriarch on the Hollywood scene, her award filled career does not include an Academy Award, even after 15 nominations. Will this be the year she changes that?

Angel Wood—Aspiring actress. This talented actress will do anything to get what she wants—whether it is an award, a leading role in a movie or the affection of a handsome actor.

Steffi Wood—Actress.
As the little sister to Angel, Steffi has lived in her shadow far too long and is certain that she will make a name for herself before the night is through!

Jada Broken—Actress. A top-notch actress who often gets second-rate treatment, Jada's engagement was disrupted by Angel Wood and now her acting career may be as well.

Barbie Doll—Pop star and aspiring actress. Barbie's looks and her agent have gotten this aspiring actress far in life, but can they take her any further in Hollywood?

Natasha Gibson—Young actress. A favorite with the teen crowds, this young adult is serious about pursuing more mature acting roles…that is if nothing comes in her way.

Lola Talent—Latin diva. Best known for her singing career, Lola extended her celebrity career to include acting, perfumes and a clothing line. Now, with her husband aspiring to gain the same recognition, she is 100% behind him… or is she?

Mario Talent—Aspiring actor. As the husband of a diva, Mario has always done as he was told. Now that Mario is looking out for himself, his intentions may change.

Hobart Hughes—Director. Known as the brightest director of all time, everyone is desperate to be cast in his upcoming movie, A Fallen Angel. But his decisions may depend on a lot more than an actor's talent.

Bobby Calling—Casting director. Frustrated by Hobart's demands, Bobby is looking to cast the upcoming film, A Fallen Angel, as they see fit.

Penelope Hughes—Director's wife. It is no secret that Penelope loves her husband's money more than the man himself. After many years of marriage, Penelope knows how to use her power in Hollywood to get what she wants.

Princess Pop—Pop star.
With Princess' career on the verge of destruction, she is looking to reconstruct it any way she can.

Brady Comeback—Pop star. With a reunion tour set to take place, this star is on the cusp of a comeback… or the last chapter of his career.

Hunter Starr—Pop star and aspiring actor. Since the Man 2 Man hiatus, Hunter has experienced much solo success in both his personal and professional life. While his band may want to relive the glory days, he is currently experiencing new heights on his own.

Avery Scout—Talent representative. The "yes" person of Hollywood, Avery is responsible for launching some careers and sinking others.

J.J. Scoop—Entertainment news reporter. With so much gossip swirling around the award show, J.J. may have the advantage of knowledge, but do they know too much?

M.C. Award—Award show emcee.
As the emcee, M.C. has been privy to private, behind-the-scenes information at the awards shows…but do they know too much?

T. Redd—Aspiring rap artist. The ex-husband of Princess Pop, T. Redd knows how to use his connections to get what he wants out of life, despite his lack of talent.

Ward Winner—President of the Academy. The man behind the awards, Ward can use his power to get what he wants and he intends to finish his final year as President with a bang!


When the Academy Awards began, it announced the winners 3 months in advance the first year. After the anti-climactic show, the academy would announce the results at the show, only releasing the winners to the media to have them printed the night of the awards show at 11 p.m. This tradition continued for over a decade until the Los Angeles Times printed the winners ahead of time, thus ruining the surprise in 1940.

Since 1941, the winners have been known to only the Academy and are printed in a sealed envelope until it is opened onstage.

Hollywood is the center of America's movie industry. It is part of the city of Los Angeles, in the western state of California.

In eighteen-eighty-seven, a man named Harvey Wilcox decided to sell some farmland he owned near Los Angeles. He hoped builders would put up houses there. Harvey's wife thought the name Hollywood would be nice for the new housing development. She liked the sound of the word, although no holly trees grow in California.

At first, Hollywood was just a little town surrounded by orange trees and farms. But new technology would change it forever.

Inventors in the United States and Europe had become interested in the idea of making pictures that moved. Thomas Edison's company showed the first moving picture machine in eighteen-ninety-three. Two years later, the Lumiere brothers of France showed the first simple moving picture in Paris.

American businessmen and artists hurried to explore the possibilities of the new technology. No one, however, suspected that movies would become the most popular kind of art in history.

Soon, theaters around the United States began showing short movies. In nineteen-oh-nine, some of the largest American movie-making companies joined together. They legally stopped other companies from using the new technology. So, independent movie producers moved away from the Atlantic coast, the center of movie-making at that time.

Independent movie producers wanted to go where eastern lawyers would not make trouble for them. They also wanted to go where there was warm weather and sunshine throughout the year. Hollywood was perfect.

The Nestor Company built the first movie studio in Hollywood in nineteen-eleven. Two years later, Cecil B. Demille produced the first long, serious movie in Hollywood. It was called "The Squaw Man."

Director D. W. Griffith also arrived in Hollywood in those early years. He created new ways of using a camera to tell a story through moving pictures.

Soon, the quiet community of farms and orange trees had changed. By the nineteen-twenties, Hollywood had become the movie capital of the world.




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